Customize a package to fit your bill.

Everything happens via retainer! Tell us how many hours you want each month, and we’ll take it from there. Our minimum contract is 10 hours/month, for 3 months.

"HKW has been an incredibly thoughtful partner. They helped us to think through everything from the big picture to the smallest details, translating ideas into a vision we love."
Julia Cohen Sebastien,
Co-Founder and CEO at Grayce

You ask, we deliver.

Enjoy complete flexibility. If you need a service that's in our wheelhouse and have hours available, we take care of it, no questions asked.

It really is all about you.

Work with a team who makes your brand the priority. All our output is designed with you in mind and delivered into your full control.

There when you need us.

With HKW team-members working literally around the world, you can meet (and exceed) your timeline and even send urgent requests our way.

Stellar service by the hour.

Count on the same quality of service no matter the size of your contract, with a flat hourly rate multiplied by the monthly hours you need.

More solutions, fewer problems.

Our team acts like your team. Enjoy responsive problem-solving and a get-er-done attitude for all your web coding and design needs.

Suit yourself.

Start, pause, and restart your retainer with us to suit your needs and budget (after the minimum is met) Your banked hours never expire.

One rate, any number of hours.

10 hours per month
40 hours per month
100 hours per month
Need more hours? Fewer? Something in between?
We'll create a package matched to your needs.
Working with HKW over many years and several
companies, I’ve come to appreciate that they are much more than a design agency, they are truly an extension of my team.

let's talk about the nitty-gritty.

Questions about the details of how our services are delivered? Keep reading.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem! We have a 3-month minimum engagement, as it takes a lot of work on our end to get started properly with new clients. After that, there are no cancellation fees of any kind, just a simple month-to-month contract.

Do you do one off projects or build big websites?

Yep! But we still structure our proposal as a retainer contract.

Can you help us scope our large project?

Yep! We charge $120/hour for any discovery/exploration work. At the end of the scoping process, we'll credit it towards the entire project if HKW wins the contract.

What if we don’t use all of our time in a month?

No problem! We treat all of our retainer time like rollover minutes. Don't use it one month? We'll add it to the next month. Simple.

What is a realistic retainer contract for building a website from scratch?

That depends on your timeline and project scope, but 90-100 hours is probably a good starting point for a small marketing website, including content writing, design, population, testing, and launch.

What are urgent requests?

Urgent requests cover work requiring immediate turnarounds or work outside of normal hours. Urgent requests are recorded at 1.5X

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