HKW is a boutique web design, development, and marketing agency. We've been privileged to work with grassroot non-profits, Fortune-500 companies, and everything in between, with every client offering us invaluable opportunities to expand our skillset.

Our mission is to feel like part of your team. If you have a task that falls within our wide-ranging expertise, we're always on call to support you. We're even open to learning new skills, if they can help solve your problems.


Communication is everything.

We believe that a good client relationship and a successful project depend largely on open, friendly, productive conversations between us and our clients. From day one, when you might sit down to a Zoom call with one of our partners, to day thirty, when you might walk-through a set of mockups with one of our designers, to day sixty, when your project manager might give you a tour of your new website, to day 100, when you might encounter a hiccup that needs our assistance, we will be available to talk about your needs, collaborate with you in solving problems, and brainstorm creative solutions for any business goal you hope to reach.

"HKW has been an incredibly thoughtful partner. They helped us to think through everything from the big picture to the smallest details, translating ideas into a vision we love."

Julia Cohen Sebastien,

Co-Founder and CEO at Grayce

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to engage with each client’s needs in a responsive, timely fashion.


to pursue deep understanding of each client’s identity, audience, product, and more.


to look at a problem from every angle and design or build an innovative solution.

The team.

We design, develop, and deliver creative solutions with friendly, responsive service.

Strategist, designer, and project manager, always on the lookout for intuitive, elegant solutions. Has designed everything from logos and brands to software, tangible products, and actual physical communities. Consummate hobbyist; enthusiastic reader and activist.

Scott Mueller

Frontend developer, designer, writer, and problem solver. Drinks too much coffee. Avid bicyclist, reader, and crafter.

Geneva Randall

Designer with a natural passion for design and a firm grasp of design tools and techniques. Has handled projects from brand identities to digital product design. Avid reader and gamer.

Stephen Okonkwo

Applies his passion for an elegant solution through his work as a web developer.

Adam Townsend

Part writer, part project manager, fully committed to project excellence. Loves discovering words to capture a client’s identity, and then implementing systems to deliver those words to the public. Enthusiastic foodie, traveler, and people-watcher.

Content Manager
Clare Kocheri

Designer, writer, and manager for all your marketing needs. Fresh into the professional world and loves learning and getting to know clients throughout the project process. Committed runner, coffee lover, and outdoor enthusiast. A problem solver at heart.

Marketing Coordinator
Gabi Castillo

Designer who firmly believes that great results come from collaboration and communication. Consistently helps businesses grow and achieve profitability. Full-time badminton player and part-time coffee drinker.

Harriet Cacdac

Artist with an eye for capturing every client’s story in images. Shaped by a childhood spent all over the world and trained by projects ranging from news stories to sporting events to live music to commercial shoots. Passionate about documenting his home in the Inland Northwest.

Erick Doxey

Creator with 11 years experience in TV, Film, and Online Advertising, with specialties ranging from motion graphics to illustration to 2D/3D animation. Honored to have worked with Nickelodeon, MTV, Sony, Twitch, AT&T, Cartoon Network, Google, Syfy, and Nicolas Cage. Specialties include: Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, 2D/3D Animation, Illustration and Storyboards, Compositing/VFX, and Editing. Ready for anything creative.
Mitch Davis

SEO marketer, strategic planner, and project leader, building brands for online success through innovative problem solving. Has developed multi-faceted digital marketing strategies across Fortune 100 companies, startups, and local businesses. Lover of coffee; travel enthusiast and sci-fi junkie.

Travis Irwin

Web developer with over 15 years of experience, specializing in website and email development. Enjoys development for its strange balance between logic and art, two seemingly conflicting systems. Friend of cats; music, sports, and video game aficionado.

Matt Grantski

Friendly SEO marketer passionate about helping businesses succeed by improving website visibility in search engines. Has the knowledge and skills to execute effective strategies that drive results. Loves potatoes (in every single form), dogs and figure skating.

SEO Strategist
Jennifer Chang

Full stack developer with a passion for user-centric design. They thrive on complex problems and love tackling new technologies. Obsessed with backpacking, herptiles, and tiny museums.

React Developer
Allie Soldau

Former stage and screen actor, now full-time web developer with a passion for creating visually appealing, user-friendly websites. Voracious reader and avid gardener with a newly discovered green thumb.

Andrew Hughes

SEM expert and strategist with a passion for all things digital. Enthusiast of travel, concerts, and TV/movies.

SEM strategist
Alondra Abdur-Rahman

Writer, editor, and marketer with more than 15 years of experience in content and product marketing. Specializes in simplifying complex topics. Enjoys sports, coffee, and all things transit & transportation.

Content Writer
Trista Winnie Fraser
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